Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Initial consultation?

The initial consultation is a little meet and greet session and it is free. If you are able to meet face to face a convenient time and date is agreed upon and is held at a relaxed location where the Coach and Coachee can meet. If you live further afield or out of the UK a Skype session can be arranged. You will be able to discuss the issues most important to you, what your expectations are and we can discuss what you will gain from the coaching relationship and how it all works.   There is the opportunity to explore the process. The session can last up to an hour and can vary. and at the end of it you will be free to decide if life coaching is for you and if you wish to take it further, or you can decide it’s not for you and walk away – there’s no obligation.

How many sessions will be required?

Sessions will vary from individual to individual. As each goal is unique, so are the number of uniquely tailored sessions required.

What about payment?

Resonate Success accepts cash as payment in addition to paypal and cheque. In all cases payment must be cleared before sessions begin. This helps with avoiding any awkward situations for Coach and Coachee.

What is DNA (did not attend) policy?

If a Coachee misses a pre-paid session then in most cases that session can be rebooked. Your Coach will prefer at least 24 hours notice. If a Coachee misses 3 sessions in a row the Coach & Coachee relationship will need to be revisited.

How will I know when I have reached my goal?

You will know when you have reached your goal. You will feel confident and content with your path. You will feel equipped to follow your chosen path or solution. You will tell your Coach when you are ready to take that step forward.