Success comes in many forms. When it comes to our lives, businesses and organisations, we often measure success in terms of how much money we make or how much we can get done. There is almost no better feeling than success. Even when we are on vacation, hanging out with friends after work, or delving into our favourite hobbies – total immersion into the moment can be difficult to achieve without first reaching some important goals.

When we work towards and finally reach our goals, our minds can relax. We stop nagging ourselves, and we can yet again focus on what we are doing instead of what we need to get done. Sometimes, getting what needs to be done done is easier said than…done.

This is where I come in. It is my personal passion and current life mission to help you be the best, most successful version of yourself, in terms of what success means to you. I live and breathe to empower you in any way that I can. My years of experience have led me here, to you. I wasn’t always sure of where I wanted to be in life or how I should approach my own journey towards success, but what I’ve learned along the way to this point is that all it takes is a first step in the right direction.

Everyone’s life is unique. Everyone’s vision and version of success is personal. I thrive when learning and understanding others for who they are in this very moment. Who you are right now, this precise moment in time, never to be repeated, is all you need to be. It is with this perspective and understanding that I can help you determine what direction to step in, and how to prepare, for the ultimate next step.

No matter where you are in life or where you want to be going, I am here to hold a flashlight over your path and supply you with the knowledge, resources, and motivation to thrust you towards your goals and the fulfillment of success. I am here to take weight off of your shoulders so you can freely journey to live your dreams.

We are all blessed with only one life. I cherish yours and truly want to help you live it to the absolute fullest. You are on your own journey. Even as a member of a family, a business, or an organisation – every member of your group has something unique to offer. I am here to help you harness your unique skills, recognise what success means to you, and, most importantly, professionally coach you in the right direction so that you can be the most successful version of yourself. It all starts with that first  step.

To take your next step towards success, sign up for a free consultation, now, through the Services page. I can’t wait to hear about your unique journey. The road to success is only a step away.


Sadaf Akhtar Life Coach, MNCP

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