As I began to bring one of my dreams from the drawing board to reality. I am reflecting on the amazing journey I have been so fortunate in experiencing. Whilst setting up my Coaching & Training Practice, Resonate Success I began to think about where it all began, what has been  my inspiration?  The notion of ‘anything is possible’  had for years opened up a personal quest .

I always believed that I was made for something, but never quite understood what.  I played with the idea of working in science or humanities or maybe literature.  I loved and still love animals, nature and helping people.  But what was my path?  At times I found myself in dark situations which were negative and potentially harmful toward my journey.

As a child I always found my own happiness and thrived on it! It was innate and part of my survival. Without focusing on life events that were less than ideal. I always managed to build a bubble of positivity around me.  It was natural to me.  I have been told that as a child I awoke with a smile and that smile and laughter infected everyone.  What was it that was so infectious? I believe that everyone carries that light.  Children naturally emit this light from within as they are true in every way, through to their very essence.

As one grows the light of positivity and self belief begins to flicker.  Struggle, hardship, lack of confidence, lack of self belief, breakdown in relationships can contribute to feeling at a standstill or at a loss. We become lost in our own thoughts and forget the path, the path that we are meant to be on.

I have come to the conclusion that being at one with myself was key in staying happy, what ever life threw at me.  Having faith in my purpose in life kept me afloat and ascending. Even at times when I felt I was near to rock bottom, I always seemed to re surface.

I came across the following quote by the great Theologian, Scholar & Mystic – Jalaaluddeen Rumi “What you seek is seeking you” I was astounded! These words resonated with me to such an extent that I felt I was being propelled forward at such a great speed.  Some may call it law of attraction. As for me, I call it my destiny.

Moving forward with this knowledge enabled me to grasp a new multi faceted understanding of  ‘anything is possible’ because ‘what you seek, is seeking you’ It all made sense to me.  In my life’s journey I have enjoyed helping people, to the point where It was an obligation for me to assist people.  Why? because they crossed my path and somehow landed on my doorstep.  In my book that was destiny.  Whether it was regarding, family or relationship issues, identity crisis, not knowing which way to go I have always been a good listener and talked about positive outcomes.

I naturally moved into the role of Spiritual Counsellor.  I helped women to shed former layers of themselves to realise their purpose.  How? by listening and helping them to understand what part they played in this game of life.  Through the medium of meditation and reflection .  Why because I seemed to have a knack of seeing through the eyes of the people I help.

Whilst undertaking my Performance and Life Coaching course at Simply Changing I felt that I had the opportunity to climb up and see things from a  multi dimensional perspective in my life.  I resonated with these amazing people, my kind of people who shared that positivity and belief in self.  It was most exhilarating in that I felt like I was soaring through layers of information, where the possibilities were endless. A natural step for me.

Now as a qualified Coach, I am able to assist individuals and organisations in Life Coaching & Performance Coaching with NLP.   This is the beginning of a my professional journey.  Who knows where it will go, but one thing I do know for sure is that  I am enjoying the ride.  Equipped with my Coaching tools and techniques I am ready, but the question is are you?

Sadaf Akhtar – Life Coach – MNCP


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